Top 10 Easy Scholarships for 2019

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So you’re headed to college, but you’re a little concerned about how to pay for it. You’re not alone. One financial aid solution for high school seniors is, of course, to apply for college scholarships. Absolutely, you should go for scholarships you qualify for, if only to lower the amount of student loans you might want to take out.

But what if you’re swamped with all your college applications, as well as trying to get good standardized test scores and finishing all your work as a high school senior? What if writing dozens of essays isn’t your strong suit? If you’ve started your scholarship applications, you already know that the application process can be demanding, with requests for transcripts, test scores, lists of community service activities, even resumes — not to mention all those essays that have to be written from scratch. It’s a lot of work for a chance at free money, but it can be grinding.

Good news! There are plenty of easy scholarships out there, many of which require no essay. These no-essay scholarships treat you to an easier application process and can provide you with the scholarship money you might need to close the gap at the college of your choice.

What Makes a Scholarship Easy?

A few things. An easy scholarship has a simple application process that may not even require you to do more work than you’ve already done for your college applications. Competition may be lower than for other scholarships. You may even find scholarship opportunities that target areas you’re already interested in.

Do Your Research

But keep your eyes open to make sure you’re applying to legitimate scholarship programs, not just handing out personal information to people you know nothing about. Do your research before you file your scholarship application, especially if you sense that something feels off. Yes, scholarship programs typically ask for personal information, but it should all be of the type that’s related to education (including financial information if you’re applying for need-based scholarships). Another warning sign: You shouldn’t have to pay to apply for a scholarship. (After all, these programs are designed to give you free money, not to take it away from you!) Especially if a scholarship application asks for a credit card, back away.

Rest assured, though — All the easy scholarships listed here are absolutely legit, so you can feel comfortable applying.

Top Easy Scholarships for 2019

Take a look at these ten easy scholarships that are available for the 2019 application season.

Dish Network Scholarship

If you love watching sports on TV, this scholarship is tailor-made for you. This scholarship program, which is available to current college students as well as incoming freshmen, asks you to have a GPA of 2.5 and to write a short essay that discusses why it’s more valuable to watch sports live than pre-recorded.

Dish Network Scholarship Information

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship

How would you like to take home $10,000 for doing, well, essentially nothing. That’s the story behind the ScholarshipPoints award, where winners are drawn at random. This no-essay scholarship takes only minutes to enter — and you can enter again every three months. Whether you’re a current college student or still in high school, you don’t want to miss this easy scholarship opportunity.

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship Information

Niche No-Essay Scholarship

If you’re an American who plans to enroll in college within the next year (or an international student with a valid visa), this scholarship contest is an ultra easy choice for you (as you can tell from the words “no essay”). A cool $2,000 is handed out every month. And yes, you can file a new scholarship application every single month.

Niche No-Essay Scholarship Information

Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship

Whether you’re a high school student or college student, this easy scholarship asks for a short essay explaining why you need the scholarship. It’s a cool $1,000, and it’s another monthly scholarship opportunity — so if you don’t win this month, go ahead and apply again.

Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship Information

Bachus & Schanker LLC Scholarship

Are you interested in majoring in political science, or something related to that? Or are you perhaps already a college student who’s thinking about law school? $2,000 could be yours once you write a short essay about what the Seventh Amendment of the Constitution means to you (and here’s a hint: write about the entire amendment, not just the most well-known section about trial by jury). You have to have a GPA of at least 3.0, and you must be accepted to or already attending a four-year university. As an added bonus, this easy scholarship sponsored by the law firm Bachus & Schanker is given out twice a year.

Bachus & Schanker LLC Scholarship Information

Unigo $10K Scholarship

You can start applying for this college scholarship not just as a high school junior or senior, but even while you’re in middle school (Hey, let’s hear it for planning ahead). You do have to be a legal resident of the United States to apply, and you do have to write a short essay. But it’s one that can show off your imagination: You have to write a scholarship essay about the favorite mobile app of a historical character (your choice) brought back from the past.

Unigo $10K Scholarship Information

Wells Fargo Scholarship

This scholarship sweepstakes delivers college scholarships of $5,000 each to three lucky high school students and three university students each year. Only U.S. citizens can apply, and you have to be a full-time or part-time student. All you have to do is apply — though get ready to start receiving a bunch of marketing materials from Wells Fargo once they have your contact information.

Wells Fargo Scholarship Information

America the Great Scholarship

Have you written poetry for your high school English classes? If you have, you could be ready to submit to this easy scholarship program that’s run by the Power Poetry Foundation. You have to be 25 or younger to qualify, and planning to attend (or to continue in) any accredited college or university. The scholarship application is easy — and as for the poetry part, you just have to submit a poem detailing why you think America is already great or what improvements you would make in the country. Your poetic musings could bring you $1,000 just like that.

America the Great Scholarship Information

Supplies, Sealed, Delivered Scholarship

If community service pulls at your heartstrings, you have some definite chances to make your sense of altruism work for you via the scholarship programs available through the website. The Supplies, Sealed, Delivered scholarship opportunity asks you to step outside your normal go-to-school, do-your-homework routine by doing something practical to help the homeless in your community. Once you’ve delivered a bag of basic daily essential supplies (think toothpaste, toothbrushes and the like) to a local homeless shelter, you can submit a scholarship application for this $5,000 award. Definitely worth a trip to your local supermarket to stock up and help others, whether you win or not.

Supplies, Sealed, Delivered Scholarship Information

Untangle the Web Scholarship

Here’s another scholarship program from that lets you apply for a scholarship while also doing something good for your community. As a high school student, you are almost certainly a little more web-savvy than many of the senior citizens in your area (think about your own grandmother — have you ever had to help her with technology? Exactly.). The scholarship application for this award starts with taking an online quiz to determine your strongest points in navigating technology successfully (to be honest, the quiz feels a little like a BuzzFeed quiz). Once the organization has determined your strong points, it sends you appropriate information that provides guidelines for talking to senior citizens about technology. You’re then entered into a scholarship sweepstakes with a $5,000 prize. Now, that’s worth helping Grandma download new apps or program her remote control!

Untangle the Web Scholarship Information

Want More?

These 10 easy scholarships only scratch the surface of what’s available to you. Other easy scholarships are tied to specific communities or require admission to specific colleges. Sometimes you can find scholarships that require no essays and little in the way of application requirements but that are tied to specific majors — maybe the one that you’re already considering.

Even if the scholarships you’re applying for don’t have gigantic financial awards, every $1,000 you receive in a scholarship reduces the amount of financial aid you have to assemble from other sources (such as student loans or work-study) — or the amount your parents have to shell out. Take the time to do a little research into these easy scholarships, knowing that the time needed for your application won’t take too much out of your already busy life and college application process.