Top 10 No Essay Scholarships for 2019

Scholarships are a good way to fund college tuition, but they often require essays to apply, something high school seniors usually aren’t fond of. If you know where to look, though, you can get financial aid to attend college with minimal effort. Here are the best no-essay scholarships in the U.S., for 2019.

VIP Voice Scholarship

VIP Voice, an online market research community, offers points for filling out surveys, which users can spend on entering sweepstakes or bidding on auctions. If you register on, you can enter VIP Voice’s $5,000 scholarship sweepstakes. All you have to do is fill out two surveys — though, if you fill out hundreds of them, your chances of winning the sweepstakes improve dramatically. $5,000 can go a long way toward reducing your student loans or covering education-related expenses such as books, and no scholarship essay is required.

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Niche $2,000 No-Essay Scholarship

Niche is an online company that provides information on U.S. colleges, among other institutions, and gives out over $75,000 in scholarships annually. One of these scholarships is open to all high school students as well as college students, and it’s worth $2,000. Niche gives out the scholarship to a new winner every month in a random drawing. All this scholarship provider requires is that you fill out a scholarship application form with your personal information. The application process for this monthly scholarship program is very brief, and the scholarship winners are announced in Niche’s online newsletter. The deadline for most Niche scholarship opportunities is the end of the month.

Niche No-Essay Scholarship Information

Niche School Survey Sweepstakes

Another easy scholarship award from Niche lets any students enrolled in or recently graduated from a K-12 school fill out a survey about the school. Parents can also apply. Once you fill out the survey, you enter into a sweepstakes for $1,000. If you win, you also get placement on the Niche Scholarship Winners page. Either way, Niche anonymously publishes your survey answers on its website to help people figure out if the school is a good fit for them.

Niche School Survey Sweepstakes

$1,000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship

Another great no-essay scholarship is the Easy College Money Scholarship. Cappex, a website that matches high school students to colleges, offers this $1,000 scholarship every month. To be eligible, simply make a free account with Cappex, fill out the application, and provide a brief explanation for why you deserve the scholarship. If your explanation convinces Cappex of your financial need, you get the free money with no strings attached. Anyone in high school or college can apply to this scholarship.

$1,000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship Information

Make a Recycling Bin Scholarship offers aspiring and current college students the chance to make some money by decorating recycling bins and submitting pictures of them for entry into a scholarship sweepstakes. An international nonprofit dedicated to turning young people into active citizens, hopes that the bins decorated through this scholarship inspire people to recycle their personal care empties, such as shampoo bottles. This scholarship nets the winner $5,000 and takes place once per year. To qualify, you must be under 26 years old and a resident of the U.S. or Canada. You can keep decorating bins and submitting them to until you win. In 2018, applicants decorated over 3,000 bins.

Make a Recycling Bin Scholarship Information

ScholarshipPoints Lucky Break Scholarship

If you want an easy, no-essay scholarship opportunity, has plenty on offer. Every year, ScholarshipPoints gives out more than $100,000 to college students. For a chance to win some of this money, you just have to become a member of the site and earn points or enter drawings. To earn points, you can sign up to take surveys, engage with ScholarshipPoints on social media, read emails or articles from the company, play puzzles or games, interact with one of the company’s partners or enter a scholarship contest. With your points, you can enter scholarship drawings. The more you enter, the better your chances to win. The Lucky Break Scholarship is worth $1,000.

ScholarshipPoints Lucky Break Scholarship

You Deserve It Scholarship

ScholarshipOwl, a company that matches students to scholarship opportunities, provides the $1,000 You Deserve It Scholarship to any U.S. high school or college student over age 16 who makes an account on Once the account is made, an application is automatically submitted to the You Deserve It Scholarship sweepstakes. Although the odds of winning are about one in 140,000, as of 2019, you can apply to the sweepstakes up to once every week. In addition to the money, winners get a month of free access to the site’s services.

You Deserve It Scholarship

Beliz Law Firm Scholarship

Some no-essay scholarships still require applicants to make an interesting product. The Beliz personal injury law firm awards a $500 scholarship to students who submit the best three-minute video featuring three safety tips on distracted driving. High school and college students are both eligible to apply. Once you make the video, upload it to a video platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and link it to the company with some personal information. The most creative and persuasive video wins.

Beliz Law Firm Scholarship Information

SuperCollege Scholarship

Another no-essay scholarship is the $1,000 SuperCollege Scholarship, a monthly drawing that all students are eligible to enter, from full-time high school seniors and college freshmen to part-time graduate students and everything in-between. Simply fill out the application on by the deadline, and you can win $1,000 toward tuition, books, housing and any other educational expense. Since few scholarships are available to people in graduate school, this one is somewhat unusual.

SuperCollege Scholarship Information

Christian College Scholarship

An aggregator of scholarships for people who want to study at Christian colleges, offers a $2,500 no-essay scholarship drawing. All you need to do is fill out a brief online survey. If you’re enrolled in a two-to-four-year Christian university, you can win the scholarship. The survey asks questions about your high school grade average and the region of the country from which you come, among other things.

Christian College Scholarship Information

Good Luck!

The internet has no shortage of essay-free scholarships if you’re willing to fill out a few applications and take some surveys. Just remember that you’re competing with a lot of other applicants, so you may have to apply far and wide before you get a nibble.